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Ski Resorts Post Massive Growth on Twitter During November

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I had been keeping an eye on growth for the last couple weeks and expect the number to be big, but I didn’t expect it to be near 10%. After 4.79% growth in September, followed by 6.64% in October, resorts on Twitter increased their follower counts by an average of 9.56%. Whistler/Blackcomb, still sitting at number #1, not only become the first resort with 25,000 followers, but also had above average growth at 10.63%. Lots of changes to the top 25 list including a new face in Lake Louise. Here’s all the details from the latest update to the Top 25 Ski Resorts on Twitter list.

Also note that Twitter numbers and regional rankings for all ski resort social media dashboards are now updated as well.

Facts & Figures

  • Total followers of resorts on Twitter (as of Dec 1): 510,657
  • Total new followers of resorts since Nov 1: 44,576
  • Total growth of ski resorts on Twitter: 9.56%
  • Fastest growth (resorts w/ 100+ followers: 85.59% (Cannonsburg)
  • Largest increase in followers: 2,452 (Whistler/Blackcomb)

Growth by Region

  1. Canada: 13.47%
  2. Mid Atlantic: 11.86%
  3. New England: 10.13%
  4. Midwest: 9.75%
  5. West Coast: 9.24%
  6. Southeast: 7.96%
  7. Rocky Mountains: 7.20%

All the Changes

  • Lake Louise (+13, was 35)
  • Killington (+4)
  • Northstar (+1)
  • Copper Mountainr (+1)
  • Squaw Valleyr (+1)
  • Sugarloaf (+1)
  • Jackson Hole (-1)
  • Beaver Creek Resort (-1)
  • Snowbird (-1)
  • Grouse Mountain (-1)
  • Telluride Ski Resort (-1)
  • Sunday River (-1, was 25)
  • Canyons Resort (-2)
  • Mount Bachelor (-3)

  • Shawn_Alain

    Just curious, I see Cannonsburg recorded the most growth to bring them up to just over 200 followers, were there any other notables? I'd like to see your minimum of 100+ followers raised or even a separate category for 1000+ because 100 just seems so low. Love your rankings though because it measures performance against other competitors rather than regular stats that you can argue are just going up because the season started. The 1st and 8th are beginning to be my two favourite days of the month :)

    • GreggBlanchard

      Shawn, there were other notables, but if I bump it up 1000 (which almost did) it cut out over a hundred resorts from being considered. Glad you like them, I kinda like those days of the month as well ;)

  • JayMacqueen

    Yes! A season goal of being mentioned in Slopefillers! (Lake Louise) . Thanks Santa :)

    Seriously though Gregg, love the stats posts and rankings. Great for seeing the big picture.

    • GreggBlanchard

      Thanks for the kind words, Jay, and glad I was able to help you meet your goal ;)

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