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Ski Gear Makers Have a Concept, Can Ski Resorts Take Advantage?

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I keep seeing this over and over again: some useful or funny piece of branded “stuff” that is given to resorts (or places your guests might be). A one time cost with long time branding and advertising benefits. Here are a few examples:

Monster Energy
Monster Energy’s giant rail features are hard to miss. The cost to build a rail isn’t much when compared to other ways of getting your logo on the mountain and there are dozens of resorts on a budget that would love a shiny new feature for their park.

Ride Snowboards
Here’s a funnier example that is more about making dump taking a bit more enjoyable. Love it.

Similar to Monster Energy’s, especially because both are in the shape of a product. Even more affordable to build than the first rail example, I’ve seen pictures like this all over the web.

If the “Got Milk” campaign (that can’t even prove milk is actually good for you) can get posters like this into elementary school lunchrooms, something tells me we’ve got a case to get resort logos in a lot more places.

Are Resorts Taking Advantage?
I’ve seen some resort brandage off the mountain in some pretty clever places before, but if this were a head-to-head competition between gearmakers and mountains, I think the gear guys would be rocking it. So, how do you take advantage? Here are some lame ideas to spark some better ones in your own noggin’.

  • Donate snowboard benches made from old rentals to local board shops with some nice topsheet work featuring your logo
  • Give snow shovels to local businesses that say, “if there is enough snow to use this shovel, you shouldn’t be shoveling” with your logo
  • Build a new box for a local skatepark with your logo painted on the sides
  • Donate branded thermometers to gas stations to put on pumps or grocery stores to put in the freezer section

So, all humility aside, those ideas are pretty much golden-epic-gamechangers, but long story short, lots of companies are playing the donation + brand = free advertising game and winning. I’d love to see more resorts apply some creativity and do the same. If there are some others (resort or non-resort) I missed, send ’em over, I’d love to see.

  • Love the article, I've been trying to get our resort to take advantage of this for a few years. Secrets out!

    • GreggBlanchard

      Nice, when you make it happen, let me know ;)

  • Very difficult to acomopolish on US Foresr Service land. Thye will sometimes make an exception for a specfic event for a day or 2 , but not as permanent features.

  • The Pacific northwest Ski Area Association will be coming out with new signage rules on forest service land. The old rules have been inhibiting ski resorts from doing things like this for the last 30 years. As soon as i get my hands on the new rules, i'll send them your way.

    • GreggBlanchard

      Very good to know, thanks for the heads up Leif!

  • doubleb

    Nice post. I'm a big fan of branded terrain on the hill. I know some may object, but if the mountain is hurting for money, then it's a good option (in my opinion). Branded wall rides, tubes (like above), better signage on lift towers, etc.

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