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Deals for Other Resorts’ Passholders? Data Say Magic & Burke May Have it Right


Last year, Big Sky capitalized on a rough snow year in other parts of the country by giving Epic Pass holders free skiing when they booked lodging. The offer was simple, grabbed a bunch of headlines, and resulted in a good number of booked rooms.

However, even without dismal snow totals these offers are still plentiful:

Magic Mountain, VT
Save $10 on a lift ticket with a season pass to any VT resort

Burke, VT
Get a $45 lift ticket with a season pass to any other resort

Indianhead, MI
Ski for $25/day on Dec 7-9 with a season pass to any other ski area

I jokingly called this idea “season pass betrayal”, and when I looked at the numbers last week of how many skiers on any given mountain actually own a season pass to some other resort, I was hoping to find an answer to the potential effectiveness of such offers. Take a look:

The sample size was small, but to know that about 1 in 10 skiers own a season pass somewhere else is interesting to say the least and definitely justifies these promotions. If season pass holders aren’t set on skiing the same mountain all year and may even be looking for some variety, that’s certainly a pie I’d like to snag a piece of.

Is discounting day passes the best way to do so? I don’t know, but I think the direction is on the right track.

Published December 11th, 2012 by Gregg Blanchard.

  • Rob

    A little late with comment perhaps but if it was my Passholders who were being offered discounts at other resorts I don’t know that I’d be too bothered. I’d see it my competitors’ adding value to my Season Passes.