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School Teacher Turned Skier & Marketing Professional: Meet Jack Sibbach

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This week I’m kicking off a project I’m calling “Roots” – a collection of audio interviews with resort marketers about who they are and how they got to where they are today. If you know someone you’d like to see interview in a future round, give me a shout. I’d love any suggestions you have.

I first met Sun Valley’s Jack Sibbach at Snowbird last year during an NSAA meeting. Now, keep in mind that my parents love Sun Valley and have since they spent their honeymoon there. Mix that with another chance encounter with Jack later last winter, a few bits and pieces of intriguing ski history, a lot of really smart marketing, and I decided now was the time to try to get Jack’s whole story. Here’s what he said.

On a side note, my desire to do this series was greater than my lack of interviewing skills. Please be patient as I (re)learn this skill :)

(transcript coming soon…hopefully…)

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