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ROOTS: From College Snowblader to Ski Resort GM – Meet Greg Fisher

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After the first round of Roots a few weeks ago, I heard two, clear bits of feedback. One was they’re too long. The other was don’t change a thing.

For now, I’m not going to change a thing. Yes, they are longer than a typical SlopeFillers post, but I think now that I’ll be spreading them out and posting one every few Fridays it will be much more manageable. I tried a few times to cut these down to 5-10 minutes and it just wasn’t fair to the story being told.

So, if you only have 5 minutes, only listen to the first 5 minutes :)

Today is the man, the myth, the new parent: Greg Fisher. Enjoy.

  • sremillard

    Great listen! Especially for someone who is chasing the dream of working in the industry! Definitely like the addition of the Roots to the site!

  • Dan Gullotti

    Fisher is the man! I’ll never forgive him for giving me my start in the industry.

  • stevewright

    Greg is a good man. Nice piece.

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