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photo of Amy Frischmon

Amy Frischmon
International business in Guam to ski area owner in Minnesota.

I've always loved the long-distance vibe I've felt from the ski scene that lies on the small hills between the Rockies and the East. Maybe it's the fact that people love skiing even without powder days or 3,000' of vert. Hoping to learn more about the allure of Midwest skiing, I reached out to Wild Mountain, Minnesota's Amy Frischmon for her story. What I got was that and much, much more. Take a listen.

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On a side note, my desire to do this series was greater than my lack of interviewing skills. Please be patient as I (re)learn this skill :)

I haven’t written transcripts for these yet. If that’s something you’d prefer over the audio version, let me know in the comments section below.

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  • Mark Framness

    Amy’s parting observation rings very true to me as a loyal customer of the MI resort she refers to (Ski Brule). I see the same people and we recognize each other even when we bump into each other out of ski season.

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