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Powder Magazine, Sunshine, Foursquare, and Cruisers

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My “list of things to blog about” grew a little longer recently than I had time for. Waiting until I had sufficient time to give them each a full post’s worth of attention would result extremely outdated information. Instead, I’ll throw them all together in a quick Friday reading list to finish out the week.

Powder Magazine Criticizes Sunshine Village
I’ve written about Sunshine Village’s year from hell a time or two, and I hope I’m done dedicating full posts to their situation. Powder Magazine, however, decided to add their voice to the chorus against SSV.

Doug Firby Responds to Powder Magazine Post
In my interview with Doug, he brought up so interesting lessons. In his response to Powder Magazine’s article, it made me step back and scratch my head a bit about how deep they sunk in. Can’t remember where I heard this, but, “What’s the best way to end an argument? Shut up and walk away.”

Crest on Cruisers
Joe Myers, who put together the award-worthy “Ultimate Ski Resort Website Redesign Checklist” I published a couple months back, has a crazy-cute son named Charlie. Charlie was recently diagnosed with a mild case of cerebal palsy. To help cover Charlie’s hippotherapy, Joe put together Crest on Cruisers. I’d love to go and support Charlie, but I’ll be riding 200 miles the day before at LOTOJA (although, I’m debating which one is more realistic).

Self-Serve Pages on Foursquare
If you’ve been pawing at Foursquare, some recent news may help your resort just on the bandwagon. The team recently announced that “Any brand, organization, or publication can now create their own Page, gain followers, share Tips, check in, and reach their fans.”…

  • Thanks Gregg. Crest On Cruisers will be a great time. I'm so grateful to my friends in Park City for arranging the whole thing. We'll be riding cruiser bike's up the impossibly steep and loose "puke hill" to the Wasatch Crest Trail. People's generous donations have already amassed over $1300 toward Charlie's hippotherapy (adaptive horseback riding) at Park City's National Ability Center. We're so grateful and lucky to have friends like these.

    • GreggBlanchard

      That's awesome, Joe! Wish I could be there. Have fun puking without me (although, I'll likely be puking as well).

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