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How Powder Magazine Went from 38k Fans to 90k Fans in Under Two Months

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Your fans are now Powder Magazine’s fans.

For just under two months resorts have been sending, in any way possible, their fans to Powder Magazine’s like-gated, “Ski Town Throwdown” contest. You told your fans to vote but, only if they clicked “like” first, could they do so.

It was brilliant.

Give Them a Reason to Talk
That’s the idea behind influencer marketing. Identify people with large audiences in the markets you want to reach and give them a reason to talk.

In this case, however, those “people” were brands and the motivation was the distinction of being the “best ski town”. Well, not really the “best”, just the most voted for. In any case, it was the only carrot resorts needed to do things like this:

Resorts could only get closer to the carrot by sharing their fans. Yet the carrot was only a title voted on by those fans. Think about that for a second. A perfect storm of engagement.

$0.05 a Fan?
Powder used the OfferPop “Tug of War” app for their promotion which ran for about two months. At $1,250 a month for the 50-100k fan tier level they quickly hit, the cost was around $2,500.

So, 52,000+ new fans at a cost of $2,500 = $0.05 a fan. Not bad at all.

That’s the power behind giving people/brands with reach a reason to talk about you. And, as Powder proved, it doesn’t always have to be B2C either.

So, who will turn the tables on Powder and do the “Best Gear/Clothing/Mag Throwdown”?

  • Yes that was brilliant. I only wish they would have included Banff, one of Canada’s best ski towns. Must have been an oversight.

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