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A powerful, non-digital, marketing device.

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There is so much information passing through our brains on any given day. Too much, if we’re honest.

Which is why I like simple things that help me remember the stuff that matters. Sometimes that’s technology or a device that lets me bookmark or save, other times it’s the way a message is packaged and designed that helps the human brain recall what we saw or heard in the first place.

Interestingly the latter are also called devices – mnemonic devices – and they’re exactly what the Highlands Pass has baked into their marketing to help folks remember the message.

Catch that at the end?

“Three ski resorts, in three days, just three hours away…”

Let’s talk about this, shall we?

Three Mountains
Individually, we’ve seen the power of aligning the interests and messages of once separate mountains. That’s the first thing this has going for it. And each mountain has a complimentary bit of variety going from heavy on the easy stuff to heavy on the harder stuff.

Three Days
But it’s this next layer where it starts to gain some momentum. Three days creates, by default, an idea. It plants a seed for a long weekend. A long weekend with a built-in, interesting itinerary that involves a bit of discovery and diversity.

Three Hours Away
And it’s this last bit, the proximity to this market, that ties it up nicely. Because it’s manageable. If there’s one thing skiing suffers from relative to other weekend activity choices, it’s the hassle and time required to make it happen. This third “3” adds an important message of “doability” (which isn’t a word, but should be) to this campaign.

In the end you have marketing that’s not just marketing, but a (mnemonic) device that not only helps folks remember what they heard but remember why it intrigued them in the first place.

So simple, but very well played.

Like I said, there’s a lot of information – marketing messages very much included – in our skiers’ brains these days. Let’s give ’em a hand when we’ve got something we’d really like them to remember.

  • Chris Lamothe

    We use “3 Resorts, 2 Towns, 1 Ticket” (alternately 1 Destination) and it has worked well at covering what could otherwise be a complex explanation.

    • Well done. I like that a lot. Amazing how much of marketing depends on and begins with turning complexity into simplicity.

      • Chris Lamothe

        It’s a good example of where marketers can learn a lot by talking to their sales team, those people have to get their pitch down pat for shows.

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