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Facebook Top 25 Update-Mar 2011

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Want to boost your fan count? Stir up some controversy. Or so it seems. In a month where the average growth was only 4.5%, Squaw Valley, reeling (and recovering) from a barrage of Facebook frustration, came away with the highest growth percentage of 8.25. After all, you can’t “like” a friend’s post to support them or post some frustration of your own without being a fan first. Not a strategy I would advise, but interesting none the less. I would have liked to see Sunshine’s Village numbers right before their page disappeared.

Here’s all the details of the Facebook Top 25 Ski Resorts update:

New & Notable

  • Down from 10.23% in January and 7.67% in February, fan growth was the lowest its been since September of last year at 4.56%.
  • The number of total fans gained by the top 25 was 26,656
  • For the first time since this list began, we have a tie: Hunter Mountain & Winter Park both had 14,448 (although Hunter Mountain might be in the lead by now) at the time of writing.
  • The average number of fans for a March Top 25 page is 26,282

The 10% Club
Not a single resort had 10% growth, if you limit it to 5% there would still only be a small group:

  • Squaw Valley (8.24%)
  • Northstar at Tahoe (7.82%)
  • Jackson Hole (7.73%)
  • Copper Mountain (7.08%)
  • Wachusett (6.98%)
  • Vail (6.48%)
  • Aspen Snowmass (5.82%)
  • Hunter Mountain (5.12%)

All the Changes

  • Northstar at Tahoe (+4)
  • Copper Mountain (+2)
  • Jackson Hole (+1)
  • Keystone (-1)
  • Loveland (-1)
  • Winter Park (-2)
  • Alyeska (-3)

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