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Emoji snow report tweets are here and I dig ’em.

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Let me preface this by saying I don’t personally use emoji. The occasional old school ;) or :), sure, but I never really got into the most recent variety.

But over and over again I find them, and the context in which they are used, really handy.

For example, last year I shared how the sports teams I follow use them to post a sort of “everything you need to know about tonight’s game” with emoji illustrating the contents of each line in one character instead of many:

When it’s game day, I no longer go to their website, I go to twitter, scroll down until I see the pre-game tweet, and then, usually, click the link for the live stream or the game tracker or whatever.

Everything I need, no matter where I’m viewing from, in a single tweet.

Slowly, this season I’ve started to see a few ski resorts give it a try and I gotta say, I dig what I’m seeing.

Whether it’s a quick recap then a promo for an app or a more in-depth review with links to details on each line, it’s a pretty hand, tidy way to share the day’s conditions in a format that’s both easy-to-consume but also tailored to the medium.

Nice work from all the resorts who have given it a whirl.

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