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Investing in your biggest investments.

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I’ll keep this short because I want to leave you time to watch the video, but let me start by backing up a few months to when I interviewed Peter Landsman of Lift Blog.

This is a niche blog about something most of us take for granted, but when I asked him for some stats he turned some heads with this reply:

“I’m a year and a half in with 355 posts to date. Readership is growing and a good day sees a couple thousand unique visitors and a good month 75,000 page views.”

Yes, a year-and-a-half old blog about ski lifts sees thousands of visitors a day (Speaking of which, guess how I heard about the video below? Yep, Lift Blog.)

Given such interest and the enourmous cost of a new high speed quad, I think it makes a ton of sense to invest marketing dollars in that investment.

Like Mt. Bachelor did.

The title says it all: “Cloudchaser | The Story Behind Building a New Lift.”

As I suggested in September, great content can be as simple as taking the thing you want to promote and telling a story about it.

That’s what Mt. Bachelor did and it turned out beautifully.

  • Peter Landsman

    As I told Mr. Cobb, this is unquestionably the best lift video I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a ton of them.

    • Stirling Cobb

      Thank you for the positive words, Peter; that means a lot! This was a really fun project to work on and bring to the public eye.

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