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2014 Prediction #3: The Triumphant Return of My Favorite Marketing Medium

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Social media is on an interesting journey.

The industry has been high, it’s been low, it’s been everything in between. It’s been no different for marketing on this channel.

More Numbers, More Reasons
Many resort marketers found a balance with social media very early. While, on the other hand, some treated it like a magic wand…wave it on a message and you’re done.

As we’ve since learned, social media is good at many things, but it’s not good at everything.

And, interestingly enough, where it often lacks is exactly where email excels.

The Pendulum Swings
This year, I think email is going to see a big resurgence in resort marketing.

As resorts get a better idea of the ROI on certain campaigns they’ve run through social media, they’ll begin to see that email can do a much better job in certain areas.

It reaches more of their guests and does so in a way that lets them better leverage guest data.

One was this shift will be manifested is the time and effort put into the quality of email creative and the brevity of the contents. A times, these message may even resemble social posts.

We’ll see fewer “blasts” out to the entire list and more focused campaigns that tell simple stories to specific guest types with specific behaviors.

In other words, more this, less this.

  • Kevin Forrest

    I concur. As you point out the “pendulum” does absolutely swing. I think as a populace we are a fickle. We get excited about something, overdose on it, and then when things that worked well prior to the newest bright shiny object re-appear we either see them as new again, or we see say, “Wow, I remember that, it is awesome!” Then the cycle repeats over and over again. It is like when we were little and found an old toy behind a dresser…it was still cool, and almost new to us. The same theory works for marketing…sometimes pulling out an old toy and re-inventing the wheel a little can be effective.

    There is absolutely a possibility that within the next 5 or 10 years you could see a backlash against social media and the hyper sharing as people start to become more concerned about privacy.

    • I think you’re right and I don’t think it will take 5 years to see some backlash. In many ways I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

      • Kevin Forrest

        I am also surprised we haven’t seen it either. It will be interesting to see what the tipping point is when people start to value their privacy more than the pleasure they get from social media. I guess teenagers have already experienced this as their parents “invade” their privacy on FB…lol.

  • Can 2014 also be the year the email clients embrace web standards?

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